small talk


On Monday night, I had Chinese for dinner. I didn’t feel like (North) Korean BBQ. I gave my friends the heads-up, but nobody seemed interested. So, I ordered for one.

I ordered vegetable chow mein, pork pot stickers, and beef with broccoli. It was marvelous.

Towards the end of the meal, I reached for a fortune cookie. It read, “A thrilling time is in store for you.”

I cracked the second cookie and discovered that, “It is most gratifying when a goal is achieved through one’s efforts.”

The final cookie said, “If you are still hungry, have another fortune cookie.”

And, this is “Final Day,” a song from Full Circle. It is the fifth track, right after “Society.”

You know, we’re living in a society!” at least according to George Costanza.

If you haven’t noticed by now, I have a skill. I’m doing things in my own fashion.

And, “I don’t care if you never see the world like I do.”

I also watched True Romance on Monday night. It’s a good story, but the end is a bloody mess. Turns out that everybody is a sellout. And, everybody gets sold out at some point in time. Some of us are wasted, while the lucky ones ride off into the sunset.

In this adaption of life, the lucky ones are Clarence and Alabama, portrayed by Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette, respectively. After the shit show at the Ambassador Hotel, the duo (presumably) flips the coke for a profit. Then, they (presumably) run for the border. Then, they have a kid. This is obvious. Then, they live happily ever after on the warm sands of Mexico.

So it goes.

For those who haven’t seen this gem of a film, it’s a classic Quentin Tarantino cluster fuck. He wrote the screenplay. Tony Scott directed. Some guy name Brad Pitt plays the part of a waste-of-space stoner named “Floyd.” A slim James Gandolfini also makes an appearance. It was made in 1993.

Now, we’re nearing the end of 2017. Turns out, “We’ve been sold out, [but] we can get out.”

See, “You can demand what you want and take it.”

And, “[You] can start over today. Live [your] life a different way.”

Sounds good, I’ll have that. “[I’ll] live for today.”

Or, you can be your own worst enemy.

See, I’m a minimalist. I don’t ask for that much. I just want to make a decent living and not hate my job. That’s it.

Lucky for me, “[My] future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades.” Bitcoin hit 19k on Thursday morning. I was still sleeping, though; I was dreaming of my futures and options.

This is my story so far. I want to let you in on all of the juicy details. But, first, let us take a step backwards. I want to talk about sports. Then, I want to talk about the weather. Then, I’ll throw in some pop culture nonsense. We might even talk about food at some point.

By now, you’re probably (anxiously) awaiting my Pennywise recap. Well, “Just hodl.” Indeed, you’re going to have to wait.

First, check out the new video from Reunions. It’s called “Aching Waits.”

We are always waiting. In 2008, Senses Fail claimed that Life Is Not A Waiting Room. Results are pending.

We think that we’ll find the answers on the nightly news. So, we tune in and we listen to the talking heads. However, for this chapter, I opted to focus on the original “It” band.

The story begins on Sunday night. I had just returned from Sacramento. I watched the Seahawks outduel the Eagles. I chatted with Andy on the World Wide Web. I typed con 1 hend, than keeept mmeking speling and Grammar boo boos>

And, this recollection is merely a series of “lowercases and CAPITALS.”

Andy said, “The Vikings are 10-2 and might be the 1-seed.” He added, “It’s unbelievable.”

I quickly got bored with the game. Football is such a violent sport. And, “Violence plagues society.”

Meanwhile, I thought to myself, “While I’m safe inside eating ramen and guzzling green tea, ‘The city is burning tonight!’”

Literally, though, “Los Angeles Is Burning,” didn’t you hear the news?

Yeah, it’s the “Same as it ever was.”

I finished my meal, and then I watched The Autopsy of Jane Doe. Turns out, there was a massacre, and Jane Doe’s body was discovered under the rubble in tip-top condition. But, when we cut her open and try to get to the bottom of the issue, all hell breaks loose.

It was made in 2016. The film makes a direct reference to the Salem Witch Trials, then brushes on McCarthyism. And, some might go as far to say that this film foreshadowed the modern blacklisting trend.

Do you agree? Yeah, “Me Too.”

You know, Elaine was blacklisted, too. So what do you think about that?

I slept in till 10:34AM on Monday. I tried Presidential Purple the night before. I slept like a baby. If I woke up, I would just go back to sleep. It was like that scene from Office Space, when (through his actions), Peter Gibbons says, “Fuck the world, I’m sleeping in.”

I hadn’t slept all week. Or so it felt.

By now, you should know that I don’t work on Mondays. And, by now, you should know that “I am a humble. I am vain. What motivates me, something I can’t explain. I am outrageous and insane.

That’s right, “It’s all me.”

And, “Every now and then, I kick the living shit out of me.”

I try to do too much at once. I sacrifice sleep for success because Bad Religion told me, “You’ve got a chance to be relevant today.”

Yeah, “I figure I’ll just sleep when I’m dead.”

By now, you should know that music is very important to me. It sets the stage, kind of like the weather.

In The Autopsy of Jane Doe, there is a storm raging outside as the father and son duo perform the autopsy. Yesterday at work, it was bitter cold.

I had one guest say, “I hope you’re bundled up out there!”

I had another passerby say, “Brrr!”

The world is a cold place, indeed. Still, everybody is too afraid to talk about the world. Reason being, “The world is a smoking gun that is loaded.”

Yup, the outside world is a dump. Nowadays, humans prefer to stay indoors, online.

Me too. “I Love My Computer,” and after initial criticism, I am slowly starting to appreciate The New America.

Welcome to the new America, folks, where good things come in three. Then they “Die off in time!

In the 90s, we had skate punk bands like Pennywise, Bad Religion, and NOFX. In modern-day Sacramento, we can eat pizza at Selland’s at the flagship market on the east side. Or, we can indulge in Carnitas Con Huevos at Zocalo in Midtown. Likewise, we could simply grab a latté at Old Soul Co. in the Oak Park neighborhood.

And, in fact, none of this will be popular in 20 years. People will cease to talk about it. But it will still be relevant. Art is timeless.

I had plenty of time with which to deal on Monday. The plan was to do nothing. I would do laundry. I would clean up around the apartment. I would relax. I would recharge.

But, then I heard the talking heads on CNN. They told me that Flynn lied. “[He] Lied To The FBI.” And the POTUS knew it all along, kind of like that Midtown song.

And, on Saturday night, I saw Pennywise at Ace Of Spades, which is an oddly designed rock club situated in Midtown Sacramento.

And, did you know that Sacramento is the self-renowned “Farm-To-Fork” capital of these united states?

And, “Sactown” is a nickname for Sacramento. And, Sacramento is the capital of the Great State of California. Sometimes, we have former movie stars as acting governors. The governor meets with other legislators to discuss public policy matters at the capitol building in the downtown area.

My sister, brother-in-law, and niece happen to live in East Sac. And in case you didn’t realize it, “Sac” is also shorthand for Sacramento.

My niece is only 18 months old. So, I’m trying to make this post easy for her to comprehend. She has an adorable voice, but her vocabulary is limited at the moment.

Before the show, “I hear[d] the voice of reason on the P.A.” It told me to “Leave It Alone.”

Then I heard “Suffer.” Did you know that, “The masses of humanity have always had to suffer?”

Then it was Less Than Jake. You know, that song about you being your own worst enemy. Come on, you know it. “I’m the king of catastrophes. I’m so fucked up.”

It’s from Anthem. What’s it called?

That’s right. It’s called, “The Science of Selling Yourself Short.”

Then it was “Ruby Soho.”

“Destination unknown.

Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby Soho.”

Social D followed suit with “Story Of My Life.”

Next up was Sex Pistols, “Anarchy in the UK.”

I’m not joking, people. These were the songs that were playing overhead as we waited for the clowns to take the stage.

And, at work on Tuesday night, a continuous loop of Christmas cheer played on the P.A. The outdated playlist didn’t include any Joyce Manor.

Now, that’s what I call Christmas music! Of All Things I Will Soon Grow Tired, Joyce Manor are not.

To you, it’s the “Same Old Story.” But, “I’m not cut from the same mold. Don’t know who you think I should be.”

And I know that I already used that bit in the last episode, but that’s the whole point. It’s the same old story.

When was the last time you were this passionate about anything?

And, when was the last time you saw a movie that was (literally) the talk of the town? My Uber driver was talking about it. My family was talking about it, too.

It’s called Lady Bird. It takes place in Sacramento. It follows a teenage girl who (presumably) wants to get (the fuck) out of town and see the world. Here’s the trailer.

Oh, and last week at work, I helped a guest by the name of “Birdsong.” It’s merely a coincidence, though.

And, over the past seven days, yoga professionals have gathered at the hotel to talk about their way of life. The conference could have lasted half as long, though. The organizers really stretched it out. The start times each and every day were quite flexible.

Turns out, I need more yoga in my life. I need to chill out. I need to be more flexible.

So, I started to chat with one of these ladies, as I helped her with her baggage up to the room. I asked her, “So, where are you coming in from today?” Just “Small Talk,” nothing major. She replied, “I just traveled for 36 hours straight. I don’t want to talk to anyone.”

I maneuvered the luggage cart, and we went straight ahead to the room. It was dead silence.

On Sunday afternoon, it was anything but silent. On the ride home from Sacramento, I blasted Straight Ahead, because I hadn’t listened to it in a few days. As I limped along 80-West, I felt “Homesick.” After “Badge of Pride,” I immediately switched the dial to Unknown Road.

I had to clear my head. And the voice of reason reminded me that “It’s your life, it’s your life, it’s your life, it’s your life…[and that] some dreams do come true.”

Sometimes you just need to go with your gut. It doesn’t matter what type of car you drive; it all comes down to character.

Unfortunately, we’re driven by greed. “Corporate greed, government greed, religious greed, national greed, individual greed, big business greed, American greed, American greed. It’s all greed. It’s all greed. It’s all greed.”

See, Pennywise go against the grain.

Oh, my!

And, The Story So Far deliver “I’m (Not) Sorry” ballads.

Oh well.

And Bad Religion literally say, “Fuck You.”

Whoa! Whoa!

Then, Joyce Manor come back down to Earth.

Seems like everybody is pissed off nowadays, but I’m doing just fine.

I’m seeing Alkaline Trio on Dec 29th, but “I’m Dying Tomorrow.”

P.S. METZ could be the next “It” band. Stay tuned. They’re not to be confused with MEST.

P.P.S Here’s the set list (minus a few covers) from church last Saturday night. I’ll probably never go back to Ace of Spades.

“Fight Till You Die”

“Can’t Believe It”

“Date With Destiny”

“My Own Country”

“Go Away”


“Wouldn’t It Be Nice?”


“Same Old Story”

“My Own Way”

“As Long As We Can”

“Living For Today”

“Fuck Authority”

“Bro Hymn”

P.P.P.S. “Is Anyone Listening?”


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